Blox a block stacking game :)
Made by AskPlays
Contact: discord logo
Appeal at Discord. Preferably by DM-ing a mod.

Version 1.1.1

Patch Notes


  • Mods: Chromium, Duckface, Jakko
  • Art: Duckface

Thank you for your service.



  • Spamming - short mute
  • Repeated cases of mutable offenses - permanent mute
  • Mutehopping - short ban
  • Racist, offensive or insulting language (Trash talk within reason is allowed) - long ban
  • Harassment - long ban
  • Repeat offense - Increasingly higher punishment

This is just for reference. mods can judge for themself how severe the punishment should be.


  • Q: How to login? >:(
  • A: Click the white text in top-right corner of the page